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Over the past few months, we have been working through several challenges to ensure busing for all of our students. These challenges include rising gas prices and driver shortages to name a few. You might be receiving a letter from your district stating that your route has been cancelled, we - the Academy with the help of Sussex County Co-op - are stepping in to address this issue and ensuring that your route is reinstated.

Several public school districts have discontinued their routes and you will receive a formal notification through the mail if your route is affected. Should this be your situation, please know that the Academy has already coordinated with the local bus companies and contracted with them to keep our routes running for the 2022-2023 School year.

More specific information will be provided in due-time and we ask for your continued support and patience as we notify the affected families. We will communicate with all affected families by August 24th at the latest. We thank you for your continual support and patience as our team works to resolve this issue.

In the letters from your districts, parents will receive one or two letters from the Academy and the Sussex County Co-op. The letters that parents recieved are below. Please read these letters carefully for the next steps.

The Catholic Academy of Sussex County Transportation Letter: School Year 2022-2023

The Sussex County Regional Cooperative Pupil Transportation Assistance: School Year 2022-2023



Bussing is provided by the student’s home district. Parents need to be aware that bus pick-up and drop-off times can fluctuate anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Therefore, please be cognizant about being at the bus stop earlier than the designated pick-up and drop-off times.

Car Line

In order to assure the efficient operation of our drop-off and pick-up we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Parents are not to park and walk your child into school. If you find it necessary to meet with a member of the administrative staff please call the office to make an appointment.
  • Parents are also asked to remain in their cars when dropping off students. Staff members will be present to assist children when necessary.

It is important that your child is aware of how they are to get home each day (bus, car, aftercare, etc). Plans are not to be changed midday unless there is an emergency.
Please send a note to the office indicating if your child's normal routine is changed so that the staff is aware of their plans.

  • If you are picking up by car we ask that you please place a poster board with your child's last name in your window.
  • If your child is being picked up by another family, a note must be sent to the office for permission to be granted.

Thank you for your cooperation.

PJMS Transportation B6T 2022-2023
First page of the PDF file: TransportationB6T2022-2023xlsx-B6T1