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Hints on How to be a Good and Kind Student


  1. Remember:  Keep God first.  WWJD? ‘They will know we are Christians by our love.’ 
  2. Have a positive attitude and find a positive role model.
  3. Always be polite and respectful of yourself, others, and your school.
  4. Worry about yourself, and don’t get caught up in matters that don’t pertain to you.
  5. Assume responsibility for your words and actions, and be willing to face the consequences for them.
  6. Learn to develop a good relationship with your teachers and your peers.
  7. Show up on time for school, classes, rehearsals, practices, special events, etc.
  8. Be prepared in class, and always complete your assignments on time.
  9. Get the proper amount of rest each night, and eat a healthy breakfast.
  10. Study hard, study smart, and study often for tests and quizzes.
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  12. Remember, you have a loving, supportive family here at Pope John Middle School.
Mrs. Giselda Mintz is a World Languages teacher at Pope John Middle School.