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PJMS to present Disney's 'Frozen JR.' on Saturday


Director of Communications

Pope John XXIII Regional High School


SPARTA — Pope John XXIII Middle School will be presenting Disney’s “Frozen JR.” on Saturday at 2 and 4 p.m.

The show will be held at Reverend George A. Brown Memorial School’s McKenna Hall. Tickets are $10. Children ages 4 and under are free on an adult’s lap. For tickets, please contact katie.elvin@yahoo.com or purchase them at the door.

The students are presenting the adaption from Disney's Broadway production and the motion picture, “Frozen,” which expands upon the emotional relationship and journey between Princesses and sisters Anna and Elsa. “Frozen JR.” is a story of true love and acceptance between sisters.

Pope John seventh grade student Anya Pucci will play the role of adult Elsa, who has icy powers and inadvertently traps the kingdom of Arendelle in a frozen winter when she uses them. Pope John seventh grade student Hannah Peterson will play the role of adult Princess Anna, who is the younger sister of Elsa and goes on an adventure to try to find her so Elsa can end the eternal winter. 

In addition, seventh grade student Quinn Muli will play the role of Kristoff, an iceman who helps Anna and falls in love with her; sixth grade student Tate Elvin will play the role of Olaf, a snowman that is created through the imagination of Elsa; seventh grade student Cooper Randall will play the role of Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, who comes to Arendelle to marry Anna so he can secretly take over the kingdom; and fifth grade student Noah Travaille will play the role of the Duke of Weselton, who tries to help Hans take over the kingdom.

Also performing in the play are seventh grade students Katie Klebez (Young Anna), Samantha Piotrowsky (Pabbie, the Troll King) and Evangeline Pabalan (Bulda, the Troll Queen); sixth grade students Nina Myers (King Agnarr), Lily Radell (Queen Iduna), Vincent Giacchi (Oaken), Charles Tango (Sven, Kristoff’s loyal reindeer), Kaitlyn Honig (Middle Elsa), Bonnie Beale (ensemble), Isabel Millard (ensemble), Katherine O’Malley (ensemble), Kathryn Sarisky (ensemble), and Stella Scardigno (ensemble); and fifth grade students Reese VanBenschoten (Middle Anna), Ava Duda (Young Elsa), Maria Pelligrino (Bishop), Abigail Kral (ensemble), and Mariah Laboy (ensemble).